Base Price:

      $75 includes sit fee and 4 hi-res photos of customer’s choice

           (Every customer must pay this, the products / services below are in addition to this price)


     $75 for an additional hour to visit more remote locations or for groups of 8 or more

     $20 per additional digital image purchased online, or...

     $199 for entire gallery purchased online

          *Save $32 by paying for entire gallery in gift shop day of the shoot ($167 instead of $199).

Cancellation Policy

Due to scheduling considerations, all photo session cancelled within 24 hours of the determined appointment time will incur a $30 fee.


The bulk of a photographer’s work begins when the photo shoot is over. Editing, review, and upload photos can take a significant amount of time, and we believe every photo we release deserves special attention and care. With this mind, please allow a turn around time of 2 to 3 weeks before your photos are available.


Payment is completed directly before or after the photo sessions. We offer a discount off the total gallery price if you purchase in our gift shop on the day of the shoot, pay just $167 instead of $199. 

Day of the shoot

Meeting Place, Location, Duration

All photography sessions will meet in the hotel lobby at the appointed time unless prearranged otherwise. Since portrait sessions are sometimes schedule back-to-back, please do your best to be on time. After meeting, the group will drive to our shooting location, which is typically on to the fields just outside the hotel. These fields, or alpine meadows, are dotted with quaint farming sheds and afford magnificent views of the mountains. Additionally in spring, early summer, or after rain showers, they are covered with wildflowers. In short, they are the perfect location for a photo shoot. We will spend about 50 minutes at the location. Within that time, we may walk up to a quarter mile cover various scenic points. Our goal is to have you back at the hotel within an hour, but please allot 1.5 hours in your itinerary, as we would hate to make you miss an appointment if we go longer.

What to Bring

Solid, closed toe footwear – The grass in these fields tends to be a little dewy, so it’s a good idea to wear a proper pair of shoes. Also it’s a good idea to have a change of shoes/socks available for after the session in case your feet get a bit damp.

ID Card/Passport – Please bring proper ID as we leave the hotel grounds

Warm/dry Layers – to look best in your pictures it important that you’re comfortable. Please bring appropriate layers to stay warm and dry. Remember that the weather here in Garmisch can change suddenly and unexpectedly.


In case of rain or heavy snowfall we will have to reschedule or cancel the photo session.

Kid Considerations

Understandably, these sessions can be very demanding on children. To set ourselves up for success we have a few quick suggestions:

1.) Make sure children are well rested and fed before the shoot.

2.) Approach this experience with enthusiasm. Talk about the shoot in advance with your child so they know what to expect, this way they will not be surprised or intimidated. Everything you do leading up to and during the shoot should convey the message of relaxed fun. Never let them feel as if they personally could make or break the experience.

3.) If all else fails, a little bribery in the form of gummy bears or swimming pool promises never hurt.

Keep in mind that we will be driving in an Edelweiss van. If your child requires a child seat you can either bring the seat with you or you could follow us in your own vehicle to the shooting location.

It doesn't hurt to bring a stroller, there is typically a fair bit of walking. On the same note, a small snack can help keep energy levels high.

After the shoot

Downloading Your Photos

You will be emailed a link to your gallery on Edelpics along with your gallery password. Here you can purchase merchandise and digital downloads all in one place using our online interface. Simply select the photo you wish to purchase and then click on the "add to cart" tab above the photo. From there you can select which products you would like to purchase. We feature over 500 merchandise options including albums, holiday cards and calendars.

You also have the option to purchase the entire gallery for $199, at which point all photos will be unlocked for download. This option gives you access to all your photos at once, and you can prints as many times as you like, wherever you like.

If you only wish to save the 4 photos that are include as part of the $75 package, the full gallery will have a watermark on the photos. You will indicate with photos you would like to download and the photographer will create a separate gallery with the watermark removed. If you decide you would like the full gallery you can purchase this retroactively, you will just need to email to get your card information.                      

We hope this answers many of your questions for now. We look forward to meeting with you and having a great shoot. Remember you can always feel free to contact if you have any special requests, considerations or questions.

Thanks so much!